Public Accountan Law Act ; What For ??

The Public Accountant Law Act : What For ??

Nearly 2010 now, Indonesian accounting world will facing one phase that regulate and state playing a rule in market and economic mapping. They will create a regulate strictly to make it sure market facing 2012 playing safely and all asset in safe condition. They see, too much problem in accounting cause it’s accountant and it’s client. Their client have financial report but they need accountant here tinker with their capability profitable looking in long run of course. Sarbanes Oxley are not enough, for them, added by government with Financial Service Authority Law Act so much make government and parlementary can’t sleep comfortly.

For establishing financial service authority Law Act,   they think compared studied needed here almost. They need to see and learn how korea,japan, and Europe running the rule of market safely. Although they know part of them are failed and can’t help financial shape from the falling down of market and systematically giving domino effect to all economic corners life. No ! said Government, we should doing preventing policies to stop all these turbulence time. Including in accounting world.

In Accounting world, too much case appeared from these collar crime. In beside calculator and financial annual report. Beside management and accountant desk. Public don’t know certainly except interpreted by media, from earning management and collapsed after audited and company got qualified opinion but it’s evidence occurred in law desk. Front of courthouse or after audited more by external auditor. Some Arthur Anderson’s client are victim for this example. Even Arthur Anderson involve in destroying important document which needed by law to disappeared a evidence. The last time for Anderson’s life when he involve playing financial report Enron Company near to millennium age. So one of big five public accountant has lost. Thousand their accountant has lost their job and USA governiment establish Sarbanes Oxley Act.

In Indonesia, we see Public Accountant Law Act inspired by USA and some ex strongest countries in the world how to safe their economic stability. One of them are to prevent and make it sure, all will be ok while world playing it’s new economic mapping. Who will be survive from great recession and so much anxiety and uncertainly after great recession. China, India and Indonesia mention by most people are succed survive from great recession even china has adopt International Financial Report Standart bravely and far on front that their opposite, USA and followed by Europe Countries toward a stability and secure financial world shape.

Public Accountant Law Act concepted by financial ministry headed by Agus Martowardojo as law base for public accountat profession. He think, public accountant must and obligated to submit to higher authority in financial scope mainly here to Financial Ministry. Although before this idea appeared public accountant has affiliated to associate profession like Indonesian Accountant Holding or IASPI The Institute PublIc Accountant. It’s planning also not involved these stakeholder like usually in public hearing. Some section asserted by these stakeholder are have a lot problem and ambiguity or the uncertainty appeared in of section.

In this law act,stated that public accountant obligated paid Rp 200.000.000 in found crime evidence or misstatement occurred and cause company audited by public accountant collapsed. According to IASPI, this section looking unfairly, they stated that reminding again public accountant don’t have authority by state  to giving a service to certainty client. So punishment to public accountant asserted by IASPI are not correct

Some their argue stated, opinion gived by public accountant not absolutely correct  but only giving opinion properly as ethic code agreed by associate profession. Government see public accountant product such as giving opinion absolutely right and wrong.

In one of section of that law act, also talk about foreign public accountat can do and giving an same service as local public accountant whether it’s right or ‘it’s obligation. As we know, this is a part of AFCTA above all WTO and FTA Agreement initiated by market fundamentalist economic thinker and G 20. If we would calculate punctiliously what a benefit and loss when they can giving a service as local public accountant other too much state important secret in warning it’s safe and it’s secure. Too much public accountat personel go away slowly from their profession as public accountant. Especially in Indonesia according IASPI only provide 920 people personell public accountant. Most of them are living in Jadebotabek scope and most of them above 64 % has old age only 11 % among of them less from 40 years. When this section still exist we don’t know whether in big colleges or campus or economic faculty Accounting Departement still opened or not. Student will observe horrified. His future on Financial Ministry  and monitored by government tightly.

However, explaining public accountant  law act wisely should involving  it’s stakeholder.  involving their playing to shape together a better financial stability world. Government as regulator can’t play only with his self see to opposite and hearing their voice including my recommendation if government have a good intention especially against corruption in financial state entity. KPK are not hero they are only  little group fulfilled by concern people to against corruption diseases effectively and concretely in Indonesia without any compromise to corpulent mafia. Only Allah Knows  Everythings …


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